We are the lucky people occupying your beautiful condo.

First, I want you to know how pleased we are with our dealings with Carlos. He is so pleasant and goes out of his way to accommodate us. He replies to our e-mails instantly!

As we have only been here a few days we are still finding our way around. We rented a car to drive from Panama to here and kept it for 3 days. We went to the Anton Valley one day and spent two days driving around here, getting groceries and learning the best way to get to restaurants, etc. We now know that from McDonald to here via the Coronado road is 6.2 kms and when leaving the condo and turning right and using that road is 5.2kms. We also found most of the restaurants you mentioned in your binder. We went to one tonight, "La Ronina" and met both owners Frank and Delcia. Frank gave us a tour including the history of his place and how he came here - nice people and great Pina Colada's.

By the way, that binder is just great, we found the maps very useful. Of all our travels, we must say that when it comes to all your condo offers, you are at the top. The kitchen is especially well equipped.

Linda and Roger